Joyce Giraud endured a lot of harsh words from Brandi Glanville on the past two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes, and now Joyce feels that she was too easy on Brandi for it. 

Joyce said she opted to be nice to Brandi because she thought her apology in Palm Springs was genuine, but in watching the episode this week, Joyce realizes that it wasn't. "I always accept people's apologizes," Joyce writes in her Bravo blog, but "after watching [this week's] episode, I'm mad at myself for being so lenient towards her and for giving her the benefit of the doubt so many times."

"In hindsight, I should have politely asked her to pack her bags and leave the remainder of the trip," Joyce says. "I now see that it wasn't the alcohol making her a bully. It was just her true character. Watching her tell Yolanda that she didn't want to ruin 'Hoycita's' trip showed me what a conniving and hypocrite person she is."

Joyce also doesn't know why Brandi got so mad when Joyce brought up her own lost dog. "I don't know why Brandi feels the need to compete with me or anyone," Joyce writes. "She's so negative that she can't see when people genuinely have good intentions or are genuinely feeling for her."

Do you think Joyce was too lenient with Brandi?

Source: Bravo