After Yolanda Foster's conflict-filled dinner party on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Joyce Giraud has some not-kind words for Brandi Glanville and Yolanda. 

"Watching Brandi ask my husband if he's a baby or a man?" Joyce writes in her Bravo blog. "At this point, Brandi has met my husband once before for about two minutes at Kyle's party. And she talks to him like this?"

"Stop being so jealous!" Joyce continues about Brandi. "Stop being so negative, and maybe then you could find your own baby or whatever you prefer to call him. Focus on being happy. After all, who wants to be around someone who is constantly judgmental, mean and drunk?"

Joyce doesn't appreciate how Brandi acted around Yolanda's daughter Gigi. "As I said in the episode, Gigi is a gorgeous girl, inside and out," Joyce writes. "It was upsetting to see Brandi, yet again, trying to talk s—t. Telling Gigi that I was jealous of her. And hearing her say that I am always jealous of anyone younger in the room is almost comedic  she must be trying to reflect herself in me. I am not a jealous girl."

Meanwhile, Joyce doesn't appreciate Yolanda's comment about her dream team. "Let me teach you something about being a good host: No matter how beautiful your house and your table is set, if you invite your guest with the clear intention to make them feel second tier, this is classless and it is tasteless," Joyce writes about Yolanda. 

Do you agree with Joyce about Yolanda and Brandi?

Source: Bravo