Lisa Vanderpump doesn't like what she saw from Brandi Glanville at Yolanda Foster's dinner party on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

"It was a beautiful evening with the Tenors, but the atmosphere between the women was not ideal to say the least," Lisa writes in her Bravo blog. "Brandi having a field day at Joyce's expense, that's for sure. I had learned from the my previous experience that to chastise her was a fruitless task."

"I have to be honest, at that moment I really didn't care for Joyce," Lisa says. "I felt she had tried to instigate a problem right at the beginning, insinuating Yolanda and Brandi were speaking negatively about me. I chose to ignore it, believing that she was a troublemaker and a drama queen. Since then, I have come to know her and Michael and see a very different side of her..."

Lisa says she helped hunt for Brandi's dog, Chica. "Ken and I had been over there the day before with our gardener, hunting through the bushes, all afraid of what we would find," Lisa writes. "There was a small hole in the fence, and it was like a forest at the back. Regardless of anything, I feel so badly for Brandi."

Do you think Lisa should have spoken out more against Brandi at the dinner party? 

Source: Lisa's blog