We're getting a surprising look at Carlton Gebbia's unusual relationship with her mother-in-law on the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In this preview video clip, Carlton and her husband David join David's mom for a trip to a sexy lingerie store. "A thong - we're thinking sequins," Carlton tells the store's clerk about what David's mom is looking for.

Plus, Carlton is doing a little shopping for herself as well. "I like to dress up for David — I have a little closet full of personalities, I like to say," Carlton explains. "So while I am getting my burlesque room in order, I decided that I want to choose a few outfits to add to my vast collection." 

Carlton feels there's nothing weird about her things between herself and her mother-in-law. "I have a very silly relationship with my mother-in-law — we certainly have some funny, raunchy conversations," Carlton tells us. "She's pulled babies out of my vagina — it's not odd."

However, David's mom isn't fond of Carlton dropping the f-bomb. "You know how much I like you saying that word, so..." David's mom says sarcastically.

Do you think they have a weird relationship?