Much of this week's drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills surrounded Yolanda Foster drawing hearts on certain guests' name tags at her dinner party. Finally, she is setting the record straight on whether she meant to do it or not.

"Usually, David and I love to have dinner parties at our home, but, due to my health, this was the only dinner party we've had in the past year  so I look a little rusty and overwhelmed, if I might say so myself," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. "Especially when I realized the big blunder of my handwritten seating cards. I tried to make light of a truly unconscious act, but nevertheless it was a terribly rude mistake."

"This was definitely not the way I wanted to start my clean slate with Kyle and Kim," Yolanda continues. "Even though I dislike it when Kyle always talks about teams, my dream team comment was uncalled for as well. Even though I am joking about being enemies, the truth is that I absolutely adore Mauricio, and when I hugged Kyle in the bathroom last week, I truly meant it."

Yolanda also comments on Carlton Gebbia canceling at the last minute. "Even though I wish Carlton had cancelled earlier in the day, I do appreciate that she was conscientious of the fact that I had spent the past nine months in bed with a compromised immune system," she writes.

Do you think Yolanda meant to draw the hearts?

Source: Bravo