There was a major argument on this week's episode on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills between Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. So how does Kyle Richards feel about their dispute? 

Kyle explains why Kim was so bent out of shape that Lisa didn't attend her daughter's graduation party. "It is fine if [Lisa] didn't want to go, but the fact that she wasn't honest is what bothered Kim the most," Kyle writes in her Bravo blog. "Lisa was at first trying to put off that she had been away ALL weekend."

"Kim may have missed some of Lisa's parties in the past, but she also has gone to plenty," Kyle continues. "Lisa has never gone to any of Kim's events, and I think it hurt her feelings."

Kyle also doesn't appreciate what Carlton Gebbia has said about her. "When Brandi said in her interview that Carlton is not judgmental, I was thinking: 'Is she talking about the same Carlton I know?'" Kyle writes. "So far, she has ONLY judged me without getting to know me, and while I have tried to get to know her, I have been shot down."

Do you think Kim was right to call Lisa out for not attending the party? 

Source: Kyle's Bravo blog