Sadly, a woman recently committed suicide right outside of Villa Blanca restaurant, which is owned by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump. And Lisa is addressing the tragedy on Twitter.

The tragedy occurred on January 22 when 53-year-old Sandra D’Auriol reportedly jumped from a 15-story building, according to the Daily Mail. Sandra  who was married and had two children — reportedly spent three hours with her feet dangling over the building's ledge as police tried in vain to talk her down.

That day, Lisa reflected on the sad incident. When one of Lisa's Twitter followers asked if this happened near Villa Blanca, Lisa tweets back: "Yes, a woman has jumped to her death, and you are right  it is in front of Villa Blanca... very sad."

"Yes, outside VB the road is blocked," Lisa adds. "Sadly, a woman threatening to commit suicide for the last few hours has followed through. Terrible scene." 

Lisa had heard that the victim was not killed instantly by the impact and was hopeful. "Just hearing reports that she may have survived... 20-something stories ... I don't know.. god willing," Lisa tweets. Sadly, Sandra did in fact die from her injuries.

Our thoughts are with Sandra's family and loved ones during this very difficult time.

Source: Lisa on Twitter, Daily Mail