Kyle Richards was the recipient of Carlton Gebbia's ire on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode when she mistakenly identified Carlton's new neck tattoo as being of a Star of David. So Kyle has taken to her Bravo blog to explain why she got confused. 

"When I asked to see Carlton's tattoo, and she lifted up her hair, it was almost completely blocked by her bathing suit tie AND her microphone, which is about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide," Kyle explains. "I could only see PART of the star. I, of course, know what a Star Of David looks like."

"I also know that she has pentagram tattoos and a cross that says, 'Fk You,'" she continues. "When I saw the tip of the tattoo, and asked if that was a Jewish star, I was thinking about the bumper sticker I often see that says 'Coexist' and shows a moon, star, peace sign, Star of David, pentagram (on top of the 'i'), and a cross."

"I NEVER made fun of her religion," Kyle adds. "WHY does she think my asking if it was a Jewish star is offensive? What is offensive about a Star Of David? Carlton, to this day, has never been able to answer that question."

Kyle also doesn't understand why Carlton claims to have had a dream about Kyle insulting her religion. "I'm not a psychologist, but it seems like she is projecting, if you ask me," Kyle writes.

Do you think Kyle was insulting Carlton's religion by asking if she had a Star of David tat?

Source: Kyle's Bravo blog