Don't tell Giggy! There's a new parody version of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, called the Real House-Trained of Beverly Hills, in which various dog breeds take the place of your favorite stars of RHoBH. And for some reason, Giggy wasn't invited to participate. Not cool!

The video consists of the dogs seeming to act out the ladies' trademark moments. "My life is all diamonds and rawhide, but I'm also one busy Beverly Hills chihuahua," Lisa's canine counterpart tells the camera. "I've got two reality shows and five hundred restaurants. I'm utterly exhausted." 

Now, it's time for Yolanda the pooch. "I love lemons," Yolanda confesses. "But I got sick of blowing all the money at the grocery store, so I planted 7,000 lemon trees in my yard. Sometimes, I like to buy empty swimming pools, and fill them with my lemons, and jump inside and play like it's a big ball pit." 

Then, it's Joyce the puppy's turn. "My name's Joyce — not Hoyce, not Yoyce," Joyce says. "I'm bored! I know — let's talk about my hair. It's from another universe, isn't it?"

Then, Brandi's dog chimes in, "Shut the f—k up. F—k you, bitch!" Ah, just like the real thing.

What do you think of the parody video? 

SourceVenetian Princess on YouTube