Things got (extra) tense on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Carlton Gebbia refused to accept Kyle Richards's jewelry gift. Now, Carlton says that Lisa Vanderpump didn't have anything to do with her decision, and she says that Kyle needs to stop blaming Lisa for everything.

Kyle is annoyed at Lisa when she hears that Lisa pointed out to Carlton that the crown didn't seem to match the necklace that Kyle had initially given Carlton. But Carlton says she would have refused the gift, regardless of what Lisa said.

"It seems to me that, every chance Kyle can blame Lisa for something  even if Lisa isn't the main focus of a problem  Kyle will find a way to do it," Carlton writes in her Bravo blog. "However, Lisa I feel is completely desensitized to Kyle's constant setups and jealousy. These relationships are so painfully and unnecessarily complicated."

And Carlton doesn't respect that Kyle got Brandi Glanville to do her dirty work by handing Carlton the ring. "Look, I like Brandi, but I didn't like what was happening," Carlton says. "My husband saw exactly what was going on and didn't like it either, and that's when I woke up to the bulls—t."

Frankly, we're disappointed that Carlton and Kyle can't find a way to work out their differences. Perhaps Kyle should have been the one to hand the ring to Carlton  but we somehow doubt that even that would have gone over well.

Do you agree that Kyle blames Lisa for things? And was Kyle wrong to ask Brandi to hand the crown to Carlton?

Source: Carlton's Bravo blog