Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards got into a heated debate with Lisa Vanderpump during their trip to Puerto Rico on this week's episode over whether Lisa tried to bring tabloids articles about Kyle's marriage to Palm Springs. And Kyle is revealing that she has some regrets about how she behaved. 

"I saw Lisa and Yolanda talking, and then Brandi, so I went to see what was going on," Kyle writes in her Bravo blog. "I wish I hadn't gone over at all. In spite of their conversation, I believe that both Yolanda and Brandi do care about Lisa and their friendship with her."

However, Kyle says she feels she was in the right to ask Lisa about the rumors over dinner. "I don't think It should be expected that I just take [Lisa's] word when she didn't give me that same respect at the Reunion last year," Kyle says regarding the rumor that Yolanda Foster had insulted Lisa in Paris. "I think if roles were reversed, Lisa would have done the same thing in attempt to get to the truth."

Sadly, Lisa and Kyle weren't able to hash things out in Puerto Rico, since Lisa and Ken left immediately to fly home. We only hope that the the ladies can patch things up soon.

Do you think Kyle should have acted differently in Puerto Rico?

Source: Kyle's Bravo Blog