Real Housewives of Beverly Hills staBrandi Glanville has a lot of haters on Twitter. Like, a lot. So why is she grateful for them all?

There's no question that Brandi is a polarizing figure on the show. She frequently receives angry messages on Twitter, many of which are from Lisa Vanderpump's fans, as Lisa and Brandi's feud continues.

And while we would assume that Brandi wants the hateful tweets to stop, she actually appears to be encouraging them. Perhaps there's some truth to that old adage about any publicity being good publicity.

"All you new accounts & angry haters are just making my job secure by obsessing over me!" Brandi writes on March 12. "Think about it! Wouldnt it be smarter to ignore me altogether?"

Brandi does seem to make a pretty good point, since the cast members who tend to get dropped from the Real Housewives shows are the ones who are seen as boring or forgettable. And clearly, no one would call Brandi "boring," given how much attention she gets from the show's fans. 

Still, we somehow have a hunch that Brandi's haters won't suddenly stop criticizing her anytime soon. 

Do you think Brandi's haters help her to stay employed by the show? 

Source: Brandi on Twitter