Did Lisa Vanderpump call Kim Richards  and does Brandi Glanville call the paparazzi? So many disputed phone calls on tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Reunion Part 2! In our recap, Kyle Richards and Carlton Gebbia go at it over the “anti-Semitic” remark, while Kim calls Lisa "full of st." Yep, it's bumpy. 

Break a Leg

The episode begins with Brandi Glanville admitting she has done too many fillers at times, followed by Andy Cohen awkwardly telling her that her cheeks look weird. What a nice thing to say, Andy.

Talk turns to Carlton’s Wiccan beliefs, which she said started out dark during her tumultuous upbringing. Carlton says she felt Kyle had bad intentions by asking if her tattoo was a “Jewish star,” but Kyle disagrees, and Brandi is on Kyle’s side. Lisa says Kyle should take back what she said, and so Kyle admits she shouldn't have said it. Still, Carlton and Kyle clearly despise one another, and Andy knows they’ll never kiss and make up.

Next, Kim says Lisa never cares for her. When Lisa claims that she called Kim on the phone when she heard about her son’s broken leg, Kim calls Lisa a liar and says she’s full of you-know-what. Kim adds that Lisa hasn’t called her in four years, which Lisa disputes. Kim says she really wanted Lisa and Ken at Kimberly’s graduation party because she still cares about Lisa, and so Lisa says she wishes she'd known how important it was.

Say Cheese

Brandi talks about her depression, admitting to taking Lexapro. Kyle thinks Brandi’s drinking can be out of control at times, and Joyce says Brandi constantly gets photographed while drunk in public. Joyce even accuses Brandi of tipping off the paparazzi, as Joyce says she heard this from her publicist. And so we get a discussion about whether these ladies need a publicist, honey. (Yes, Joyce says “honey” a lot tonight for some reason.)

Joyce says Brandi plays the victim card too often, which leads Yolanda to say that Joyce needs to have more compassion for Brandi. Somehow, we hadn’t realized just how much Yolanda and Joyce dislike each other until tonight!

Our Overall Thoughts

Did the ladies make any progress tonight? Sorta. Carlton and Kyle definitely did not, and  even though Kyle regrets the anti-Semitism accusation  Carlton just wouldn’t give Kyle a chance. Frankly, we think Carlton could try a little harder to move forward with Kyle.

But the other relationships seem to have potential. We liked hearing Brandi call out Kim when Kim says that Lisa didn’t care about any of the ladies, as Brandi says Lisa was actually very caring toward her. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how Brandi and Lisa leave things, although we’re pretty sure they’re still not besties again.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Kim seem to have patched things up to a degree, although the look on Lisa’s face at the end of their segment really casts doubts as to whether there was real progress made. And as we said, it's nice that Yolanda stands up to Joyce for Brandi’s sake — but wow, Yolanda really can’t stand Joyce.

Now, we can’t wait for next week’s final installment of the reunion, as the husbands get involved. And by the way, after all this fighting, we could use a drink ourselves.