Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Tanous wasn't on the show for very long, but there's no question that her stint was a memorable one. So what is Peggy up to these days? 

As you may recall, former model Peggy appeared on Season 6 of the show. She spoke out about her struggle with postpartum depression, and she also had issues with Alexis Bellino. Peggy and Alexis's husband, Jim, used to date back in the '90s. 

Peggy told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that she had no regrets about walking away from RHOC. "I think leaving the show did alleviate a lot of my anxiety and prevent even stronger anxiety if I continued on with Season 7," she said. 

Now, Peggy has recently celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary with husband Micah. She has been teasing fans on Twitter by mentioning that she'll be appearing in a new TV show that will be filming this summer, although she has yet to divulge more information. She has also filmed scenes for a documentary film about postpartum depression. 

She released a fitness DVD last year called Peggy Tanous Total Body Workout With Your Toddler and has been working on a book about dealing with postpartum. And she frequently posts videos to her YouTube channel featuring herself interviewing experts in health, fashion, and beauty. So Peggy is clearly staying busy!

Do you miss seeing Peggy on the show?

Source: The Dish