We love the ladies who are currently on Real Housewives of Orange County, but it's fair to say that the show's cast has seen quite a bit of turnover over the years. So where is Kimberly Bryant these days?

Kimberly was part of the cast in Season 1 but didn't stick around for long. She departed after the show's first season, moving her family to Chicago. The move was partly due to her health issues, as she had been dealing with melanoma. 

However, a story in the OC Register claims that the family was involved in a scandal just before departing Orange County, as Kimberly's husband, Scott Bryant, had allegedly punched a female friend at a party. Yikes.

These days, Kimberly is still living in Chicago and is involved in various charities. However, she's not a big fan of the spotlight anymore, so she tends to keep her personal life to herself. 

Kimberly is hardly the only Housewife to have made an unexpected exit from the show. This year alone has seen the departures of Gretchen Rossi, Alexis Bellino, and Lydia McLaughlin. 

Do you miss watching Kimberly Bryant on RHOC? And are you surprised to find out what she's been up to?

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