Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Psychic Allison DuBois has resurfaced on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans' radars, ever since she posted a photo earlier this week of herself hanging out with Carlton Gebbia. And as you might imagine, Allison still has plenty of negative things to say about Kyle Richards.

Allison makes it clear on Twitter that she likes Carlton much more than she likes Kyle. "When I met Carlton the first time, she was effervescent and so positive," Allison tweets on March 27. "When I met Kyle, she was arrogant, guarded, and wounded. I truly hope she finds happiness. She'll argue she has, but it's not true." Ouch.

Allison's pic of herself with Carlton was retweeted by one of Kyle's Twitter followers, but Allison is convinced that this "follower" was actually Kyle in disguise. "I love that Kyle made a fake account to re-tweet the pic! Nice job," Allison writes.

Okay, so we're not sure why Allison is so convinced that Kyle has a fake account. After all, the account that first spotted Allison's pic has previously written almost 2,000 tweets, which is a lot of tweets to write from a fake account. Frankly, we wish that Allison would just focus on her own life and leave everyone else alone.

What do you feel about Allison's comments? 

Source: Allison on Twitter