Credit: MOE/Fame Pictures Photo: Adrienne Maloof Holds a Glass of Bubbles at Fratelli Cafe on June 7, 2011

We thought Adrienne Maloof was busy enough managing the various Maloof brands, but she’s taking on another project that is bound to garner even more attention (and revenue). The Housewife told Game On! that she’s co-producing a movie that, not so surprisingly, is about her. Actually, it’s about one of her former employees, but we bet she’ll make a cameo.

Adrienne explained, “It’s a true life story about someone that worked for me. He was a police officer. I just got it picked up by Dreamworks a month ago, so I’m lucky.” Wait, Adrienne used to have her own personal police officer?

We aren’t making any assumptions yet, especially since movie making runs in Adrienne’s family. Her brother worked with Wes Craven, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon as the executive producer for the 2005 thriller Feast, so maybe Adrienne has cinematic talent too!

Will you watch a Maloof-produced film?

Source: Game On!