Is Adrienne Maloof done being a reality TV star?  

According to TMZ, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has told producers she does not want to return to the show next season!   

After her catfight with Brandi Glanville, her ugly feud over family secrets and her divorce from Paul Nassif, can you blame her?

Apparently those reasons alone aren’t driving Adrienne from RHoBH. In her multiple talks with show producers in the past few months, she has evidently blamed the intrusiveness of the show for ruining her family and personal life.  

Adrienne has been through a lot recently, so maybe she just wants to take a step away from the spotlight and make her relationship with Sean Stewart work. And just think, if she’s replaced on RHoBH by his stepmom Penny Lancaster, we could still get an Adrienne appearance from time to time. Everybody wins! 

Source: TMZ