Adrienne Maloof, glamorous star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was born on September 4, 1961, making her fifty-one years old! Wow. She so does not look it.


Unlike some Real Housewives, in Beverly Hills and other locales, many of whom have financial problems despite their upscale homes and designer attire, Adrienne is an honest-to-god wealthy person. She was born with a very large silver spoon in her mouth, one of four children of George Maloof Sr., a billionaire entrepreneur, and his wife, Colleen.


Though George Sr. passed away, his widow and children, including Adrienne, remain very involved in the family's many businesses, including liquor and wine interests, entertainment, hotels, and more. Adrienne has long been a major player in the company's marketing operations — so, yes, she had advantages at birth, but she and other family members have worked hard to keep the Maloof companies on a more-than-sound financial footing.


You would think that all that work, a role on a hit TV show, and the strain of divorce (in November 2012, Adrienne and her hubby, plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, finalized the end of their marriage) would take a toll on Adrienne, but she just keeps on keeping on, and looking great. Probably keeps her young having a hot new man on her arm who is nearly 20 years her junior!


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