Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images; Bernie Guzman's Facebook page Photo: Lisa Vanderpump and Bernie Guzman Have Burnt Their Beverly Hills Bridges

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars may know a thing or two about being back-stabbed, but Adrienne Maloof’s personal chef, Bernie Guzman, holds all the knives this season. Yes, he’s the eyes and ears of all the Beverly Hills activity.

Bernie’s personal Facebook page credits him as a “private chef to the stars.” And guess what? The guy who lists Madonna and Joan Crawford as inspiration loves to dish a lot more than just food. Here are his juiciest Facebook posts:

“JACKPOT 55 - GIGGY 45...OUT WITH THE OLD...AND HER DOG..........(SORRY, I was possessed by the WICKED WITCH of the WEST)”

“This is BEVERLY HILLS,Its all about GRILLED CHICKEN & Being styled by LAWRENCE ZARIAN...(he's the best)”

“ALL SEASON, I NEVER GOT A hello or a thank you from DANA..BRANDI ,kim,kyle,camille were always nice and thanked everyone.”

“OY VEY, Lisa Vandepump said " the help " should be seen & not heard.I think its time to walk across the street with a " CHOCOLATE PIE."

Better watch out, Bernie. You don’t mess with the Housewives!

Source: Bernie’s Facebook page