Just when you thought the drama from Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 had come to a close, things are getting even more heated. Alexis Bellino is now threatening to take co-star Tamra Barney to court over recent remarks made by Tamra.

A representative for Alexis and her husband Jim exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment, "The Bellinos are taking the slanderous remarks made by Tamra Barney very seriously. They're prepared to sue to protect their name and reputation."

Tamra used the nickname “Jesus Jugs” to cut Alexis down during a heated moment during the RHoOC Season 7 reunion. Afterward, Alexis blogged about the phrase and demanded an apology on behalf of the Christian community.

Tamra responded with the statement, “Unlike Alexis, I don't need to hide behind the Jesus curtain and I don't feel the need to preach… When someone is constantly preaching about something they are lying! Alexis and Jim are faux Christians, like her ring. Does she think Jesus would be proud of her for judging me as a Christian, and the crosses in my house? Jim Bellino used to take Peggy Tanous to strip clubs after church when they were dating!”

On July 24, Alexis and Jim have released a joint statement in a press release: “We recognize that the personalities, drama and conflict of the show attract fans to the popular Bravo reality series… Unfortunately, some cast members use the show as a platform for personal attacks and character assassination, perhaps out of personal insecurity or simply to inflict pain. To the extent possible, we try to ignore this behavior. Recently, however, that has become all but impossible. The escalation of Tamra Barney's attacks has reached the level that we have been advised to take legal action. To be clear, Tamra's most recent statements are completely false. While her motivation may be to elevate herself by hurting others, the law does provide boundaries outside of which even she may be held liable. This vicious and malicious attack on our family will no longer be tolerated. We have continually tried to take the high road, however, if necessary, we are prepared to defend ourselves against these unfounded, slanderous and defamatory remarks to the fullest extent of the law."

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