Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Esquire House Photo: Taylor Armstrong Smiles for the Camera
The recent Thanksgiving holiday gave all of us a little extra time to relax — and catch up on re-runs of our fave shows.

Allure magazine’s Sophia Panych spent the holidays not only watching the boob tube, she also compiled this list of the "Top Five Scariest Beauty Shows" for Allure’s Daily Beauty Blog.

One of the five ‘horrific’ shows? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Now, we don’t agree with everything Panych wrote — we wouldn’t even consider RHoBH a "beauty show," but whatevs — but we did have a good laugh when we read her comments.

“Okay, these women's faces are as frozen as my Thanksgiving leftovers. They would look just as good, if not prettier, if they had taken it easy on the face lifts and filler. They're all naturally beautiful women, but the look of perpetual surprise isn't always so attractive.”

Yes, the ladies are def naturally beautiful women. But now we can’t stop thinking of Taylor Armstrong’s trout-y lips chillin’ in our freezers next to the mashed potatoes. Thanks a lot, Sophia!

Source: Allure