Because of the time that passes between the filming and the airing of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies’ friendships have a tendency to repair themselves or disintegrate off camera. One relationship that hasn’t gotten back on track is the one between Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof

The strain started last season. During the Season 2 reunion, Adrienne accused Lisa of leaking stories to various publications. Lisa denied this and thought her former friend overreacted to the “Maloof Hoof” nickname she’d given to Adrienne’s shoes.

The pair kept their interactions cordial after having a sit down in Season 3, but Brandi Glanville’s accusations about Adrienne’s family seem to be dividing the group once again. Lisa tells In Touch that any friendliness that we may have seen between herself and Adrienne is no longer there.

“I haven’t talked to Adrienne,” says Lisa. “She’s not a part of my life or my reality right now. When someone tries to humiliate you publicly, you deserve a public apology, and I haven’t gotten that.”

Translation: Expect more fireworks at the Season 3 reunion.

Source: In Touch