Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images for McWraps Photo: Brandi Glanville Wears Leather Ensemble at McDonald's Premium McWrap Launch Party on March 28, 2013

We’re generally on board with Brandi Glanville’s fashion choices, even when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is at her, ahem, most revealing.

But when Brandi attended the McDonald’s Premium McWrap launch party at Paramount Studios on March 28, her ensemble went a bit overboard with the leather.

Perhaps taking a cue from Kim Kardashian, Brandi Glanville paired a leather, midriff-baring top with matching pants. To finish off the look, she accessorized with a pair of fingerless leather gloves and a leather clutch.

When Celebitchy called out Brandi’s leathery ensemble, the former model took to Twitter to defend her outfit.

“Kaiser@Celebitchy reason I wore gloves is my hands got burned, so I tried to match the outfit [to] them,” Brandi tweeted at the author of the article on March 29. Accompanying the tweet was a gruesome photo of her left hand, which was bright red from a serious looking burn.

She added, “Also haven’t done anything new to my face cept have some moles lasered off.Its just me and the B (botox) still like u tho.”

Just so we didn’t think she’d lost any of her usual confidence, Brandi wrote, “I dress for me and no one else and yes i’m a little bit of a hooch ;) and I like it that way #alwayshavebeen.”

That’s our girl.

Source: Twitter, Celebitchy

Credit: Twitter