Whatever filter Brandi Glanville ever had seems to have left her! Or maybe the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was just feeling the vibe in the studio with shock jock Howard Stern. Whatever the reason, she really let it rip in a recent interview with him.
Howard, who seems like a big Brandi fan, wanted to know how much she gets paid, and she was more than happy to dish.

“For the first season I worked for 18 grand,” she said. “So it wasn’t a lot.”

She then told him that the other women, who have been with the show a year longer than her, make $250,000 per season. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone this,” she said, with a blase Brandi shoulder shrug, “But I’m just telling you.”

And there’s a good reason she’s telling. “I want what they’re getting!” Brandi said. “I feel like I work hard.”

She has been working hard, and when Howard commented that producers were making her prove herself for 18k before she was offered a full contract, Brandi just kept on riding that brutal honesty train. She had no choice but to prove herself, she said, because, “These women were horrible! They’re just c**ts.”

And that, reality TV producers, is why Brandi is worth every penny.

Source: Howard Stern

Credit: Howard Stern Photo: Brandi Glanville Calls Fellow Housewives "Horrible" on Howard Stern