Over the weekend, Brandi Glanville saw a video that LeAnn Rimes shot of 5-year-old Jake Cibrian riding a bike without a helmet. Jake and his brother, Mason, are Brandi’s biological children with Eddie Cibrian, and LeAnn Rimes’s step-children.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was upset about the video, tweeting that she was fuming and the “bonus mom” needed some refresher parenting lessons. But Brandi didn’t stop there. Continuing to vent about the incident today (December 3) on Twitter, Brandi called LeAnn “unstable.” She then spoke to the Huffington Post about LeAnn’s parenting.

“She uses my kids as weapons,” Brandi said. “The problem with that is she endangers them while doing so. I think she is a sociopath.”

Brandi then hinted that this was merely the tip of the iceberg when it came to LeAnn’s behavior around the boys. “She needs major help. No way Eddie puts up with this for too much longer,” Brandi predicted.

Source: Huffington Post, Twitter

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