We’ve seen almost all the ladies’ adorable kids on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while we’ve heard about Brandi Glanville’s boys — specifically, the one who whipped out his penis at a party — they have yet to make an appearance on screen.

If you’re hoping to see the little cuties, don’t hold your breath. Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, isn’t keen to have his kids on the Bravo show. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Brandi explains what she finds a bit ridiculous with Eddie’s reasoning — especially since famous country singer LeAnn Rimes is their stepmother.

"It's hard because Eddie's like, 'I want them to have a normal life.' I'm like, 'A normal life [with] a singer? They go on a tour bus halfway across the country and go backstage at these concerts," says Brandi. "Then they have a dad as an actor — [seeing him] kissing different girls on TV is going to be hard. And then they have me — God knows what I am, but I'm me! It's not going to be normal."

Be careful, Brandi. We’ve seen one RHoBH child — Giggy — let the fame go to his head a bit.

Source: Us Weekly

Credit: Us Weekly Photo: Real Housewives' Brandi Glanville on Why Her Sons Won't Have Normal Lives (VIDEO)

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