Credit: Bravo Photo: Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville Are Making Impressions in Season 2, Episode 6

We don’t blame Brandi Glanville for wanting to clear the air about this week’s episode on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She took to her Bravo blog to explain her perspective on what went down at Game Night, and why she doesn’t really care if she’s called “trailer trash.”

She claims she doesn’t really believe that Kim Richards was on crystal meth that night, but she does think Kim’s admittance later in the episode that she didn’t know she had been inhaling air-freshener and not breath-freshener was a big eye-opener.

We get that Brandi’s on the defense after Kim and Kyle ganged up on her, but telling someone you think they’re doing drugs in the bathroom is a low blow (and not just in Beverly Hills). We aren’t advocating Kyle’s counterattack by calling Brandi names, but the girl had it coming.

Brandi disagrees. “What about living in a trailer makes you trash? I don't get the connection. While I grew up in a loving home, my upbringing was far from glamorous.”

After the blogs were posted, Dana Wilkey reacted by calling Brandi out via Twitter (and misspelling her name). “Nice job brandy in your blog - Kim has kids too #crystalmeth #bathroom”

RHoBH producer Dave Rupel blogged his thoughts on the episode, too, titling it: “In Defense of Kyle.” He explains that there are no teams on this reality show, because they’re not characters  — just real people.

Source: Bravo