Credit: Judy Eddy/ Photo: Brandi Glanville Shows Her Sassy Side at TAO in Las Vegas on August 13, 2011

Things have certainly been colorful since Brandi Glanville joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her bizarre behavior in Season 2, Episode 17 was no exception.

When the ladies flew to Hawaii, a nervous Brandi popped some Xanax and sipped some champagne to calm her anxiety. In her altered state, Brandi noted that Kim Richards’s boyfriend looks like a gay bullmastiff and draped her arm around Lisa Vanderpump’s husband. In a recent Bravo blog, Brandi issues a mea culpa and says she doesn’t make a habit of taking medication.  

“Let me clarify,” writes Brandi, “I have an extreme fear of flying. I have all my life. In fact, I have a prescription from my doctor for anti-anxiety medication that I use for long flights and smaller airplanes. It is the only occasion that I take them. While I did do a small toast for Mauricio’s birthday when we boarded, I avoid mixing my medication with alcohol, as its [sic] very unsafe.” Brandi added, “I am a mother of two lovely boys and that is my priority. That is why I only take anti-anxiety medication when flying; I hate the feeling that I am not in control of my own mind/body.” 

The 39-year-old also defended herself on Twitter, writing, “Drugs no not since I was 23 but thnks. Xob.” Maybe those were the good old days when she could, in her words, “roofie” herself to get through flights?

Source: Bravo, Twitter


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Credit: Bravo Photo: Brandi Glanville Drinks to Forget She's on a Plane on RHoBH Season 2, Episode 17