When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville said she once wanted to kill her ex-husband’s new wife, LeAnn Rimes, things got a little out of control. Reports said LeAnn wasn’t taking Brandi’s words lightly and was considering getting a restraining order.

Now, Brandi’s doing her best to avoid taking this mess any further and has spoken out to ensure LeAnn, ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, and anyone else in the world that cares she’s not actually out to hurt the country songstress. Speaking to E! Online, Brandi explained that it was just “a figure of speech … Every mother has those protective mother-bear feelings, but I obviously didn't want to kill her.”

She continued that she’s been bending over backward to make nice with LeAnn via cozy e-mails and shared Easter parties with the children. On Twitter, she added that if LeAnn was really afraid of her, she probably wouldn’t sit beside her at the kids’ soccer games, and wrote,OK let's stop the LR bs on my timeline. We are fine and have been for a long while now. If you want to know more buy my book wen [sic] it comes out.

Ah, yes. The book. This all makes much more sense now.

Source: E! Online, Twitter

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