What do Eddie Cibrian (ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville’) and Kardashian stepbrother Brody Jenner have in common — besides their ties to reality TV? Both celebs were involved in a crash at the Toyota's Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, CA Saturday. In fact, they crashed into each other!

Cibrian told the whole story to E!, claiming he felt someone bump into his car and then — after glancing behind him to check out his opponent — ”careened” off the path during the charity race. Jenner, the opponent in question, tells a slightly different story.

"[The crash] wasn't my fault, right?!" Jenner said. "Eddie kept blocking me. I finally had a better run on the straightaway, so I went for it. But he wasn't braking! I broke, and made the turn, he didn't.”

Jenner said his opponent then hit the wall, bounced off it, and hit him. As a result, Cibrian came in last place and Jenner’s car was so damaged he couldn’t finish the race.

“I'm gonna kick his a** … No ,he's big I don't want to kick his a**,” said Brody. Eddie's probably glad Brody's ex-girlfriend Avril Lavigne isn't around to spit on him.

Source: E!

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