Credit: Albert Michael/Startraks Photo: Camille Grammer Appears on CBS's The Early Show COVER

Anybody who is anybody is on Twitter.

...Unless that ‘anybody’ is Camille Grammer.

But it’s not that the housewife is a technophobe. Actually, Camille Grammer was once among the Twitterati, until her on-screen spat with Kyle Richards caused Richards’ fans to attack — via direct messages and tweets, natch.

"I had to come off [of Twitter]... People were threatening to hit me, punch me, come after me. They wanted [Housewives rival] Kyle [Richards] to smack me. They were saying, 'Oh you never deserved to have [estranged husband] Kelsey in the first place,” she revealed on Tuesday’s Lopez Tonight.

But Camille still insists she’s not the airheaded, bitchy, instigator we see on screen. "I guess every show needs a Simon [Cowell]," she jokes. "I'm actually really not like that in person!"

Whatever you say, Cam. Whatever you say.

Source: Digital Spy

Credit: TBS Photo: Camille Grammer Talks Kelsey and Twitter Threats on Lopez Tonight on January 18, 2011