Credit: Bravo © Bravo Photo: Camille Grammer Offers a Truce in Season 1, Episode 11:
Oh, Kelsey Grammer. You didn’t really think you’d get away from your crazy estranged wife that easily, did you? Aw, you did. How sweet.

Camille Grammer just filed a request with the judge to deny Kelsey’s request for a “quickie divorce.” If approved, the quickie divorce would mean their marriage would officially be dunzo — meaning Kelsey could re-marry — but the ex-couple would still have to battle over their shared assets in the future.

But Cammy says doing this will "prejudice [her] rights to the community estate." She wants her money, damn it! What’s the rush anyway?

There’s no final verdict yet, but we’re kind of hoping the judge makes Kelsey suffer a tiny bit longer before he gets to gallivant off into the sunshine with his new lover. Don’t you think he deserves? Just a little?

Source: TMZ