Credit: FayesVision/WENN Photo: Cedric Martinez Arrives at a NOH8 Event on December 13, 2010
Last week, we learned (via a prying Kyle Richards) that Cedric, Lisa Vanderpump’s permanent house guest, was homeless before he came to live in the Vanderpump’s mansion in Beverly Hills. He told his sob story — which included the fact that he was homeless with his mother, a French prostitute, natch — while dining for Pandora’s, Lisa’s daughter, b-day.

Now, Life & Style mag is reporting this unfortch sitch: Cedric is homeless, again!

“Lisa Vanderpump reveals shocking news that her houseguest Cedric, whom she has been caring for since he was 15, has moved out. ‘Lisa’s husband, Ken, wanted him gone,’ an insider tells Life & Style. ‘So he was asked to leave. Now Cedric and Lisa aren’t speaking.’”

Poor Cedric — right? Actually, it’s hard to say whether we feel sorry for him or not. Not only did his life story seem far too scripted to us, it’s very hard to have sympathy for someone who has lived in the Vanderpump mansion — for free — for years. Just sayin’.

Source: Crushable