Credit: JDPht Bx & MXCGM/Splash News Photo: Portia Umansky and Kyle Richards Walk Hand in Hand on October 14, 2011

We can’t get enough of Kyle Richards’ crazy-cute daughter Portia Umansky, and apparently neither can anyone else! Redbook magazine recently let the little curly-haired brunette toddler take the reins and interview her multi-talented mother for a web feature.

Portia’s first interview touches on several vital subjects, including her makeup routine, the duo’s favorite eats (dog biscuits?), and — perhaps most importantly — whether Kyle will have another baby.

When Portia asked her reality star Mama if she wants to add another member to the Richards/Umansky clan, Kyle responded, “I think four girls might be enough.” OK, so no more babies, but what about something else that’s cute and tiny and requires a lot of attention — such as Portia’s dream pet, a hamster? “My only favorite hamster is a fake one,” Kyle said. What’s Kyle got against the cuddly little guys? “[T]hey scare me, and I know I'm going to get stuck taking care of it just like all the other animals. I'd rather have another baby!” Kyle said, to which Portia excitedly responded: “Yay, let’s get another sister!”

We see what she did there. Seems like Portia has a future in journalism!

Source: Redbook


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Credit: Farrah Aldjufrie's Twitter Photo: Adorable Video: RHOBH’s Kyle Richards’ Daughter Portia Explains Her Dream