Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo Photo: Dana Wilkey Chats with Taylor Armstrong at Adrienne Maloof's BBQ in Season 2, Episode 5

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast newbie Dana Wilkey has some pretty strong opinions about the way Bravo is portraying Taylor Armstrong’s marriage on the show.

Dana, who was added to the cast this season because of her close friendship with Taylor, said she’s been “struggling” with the way Bravo has edited episode footage in light of Russell’s suicide.

While we assumed the edits would downplay Taylor’s marriage issues, Dana says they might be doing the opposite. “...It seems like they’re just telling the story exactly the same, but without some of the fun that was originally there,” she revealed to OK!.

She went on to reference a particularly lighthearted scene where the ladies were trying on “trashy lingerie” that was cut from the final reel — which would have been a change of pace from Taylor’s on-camera breakdown in the first two episodes.

The new addition to RHoBH says she hasn’t spoken to her grieving friend since the tragedy.

“...I feel like the show has just gotten really heavy,” Dana said. “I’m in knots every time I watch it.”

Source: OK!