The stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always look fabulous, but one housewife is reportedly helping herself to a five-finger discount of high-end dresses!
Designer Bobby Trendy told RealityTea that Taylor Armstrong borrowed several of his dresses and has neglected to return or pay for any of them.

“I loaned Taylor Armstrong 6 beautiful dresses I designed that will benefit my senior dogs rescue fund, as I only adopt dogs over 12 who bite,” said Bobby, who estimates the dresses are worth about $20,000.

Taylor has reportedly told Bobby she doesn’t know where the dresses are, and repeated attempts to get the dresses back or to collect money from the reality star have failed.

“My things aren’t free!” Bobby exclaimed.

Do you think it’s all a misunderstanding, or is Taylor trying to avoid a hefty price tag?

Source: RealityTea