Credit: Bravo Photo: Kyle Richards Talks With Kim on RHoBH Season 2, Episode 17

In the middle of Mauricio Umansky’s Hawaiian birthday in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 18, Kyle Richards and her sister Kim got into a series of fights. The fact that Kim and her boyfriend Ken missed the flight to the island was irking Kyle, so when the couple overslept and got left behind during the catamaran trip Kyle had planned, it was the last straw.

While Kim tried to shrug off the events of the day, Kyle was too frustrated to let it go. Things went beyond sisterly squabbling when Kyle repeatedly told Kim she had missed everything and brought up the missed flight again: “You kept people waiting and waiting and waiting over and over again.” The conversation escalated when Kim accused Kyle of talking on her cellphone while driving. (Yeah, it was confusing.) The fight ended when Kim’s new boyfriend interjected. “We don’t care,” Ken told Kyle before the pair exited the table. All in all, it looked like the most awkward birthday dinner of all time. Should Kyle have let sleeping Kens lie, or was she right to hash it out with her sis?