Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It might seem like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instigator Faye Resnick sprang fully formed to the mansions of Beverly Hills, ready to catfight her way through dinner parties from hell. But no!

This potential soon-to-be Housewife let it all hang out in 1995 when she posed for Playboy after testifying in the O.J. Simpson trial. She then sat down with delightfully mustachioed TV talk show staple Geraldo Rivera to talk about her sexy spread, so watch below if you want to see Faye in a sensational mid-90s pantsuit, talk about what it means to be “a woman of the 90s,” and hear Geraldo air all of her dirty laundry in about three minutes.

By all means, enjoy!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Faye Resnick Reveals Why She Posed for Playboy in 1997 on Geraldo