Credit: SoCal MLS Photo: Lisa Vanderpump's New House

If you were worried about how Lisa Vanderpump would fare once she sold off her 17,000-square home in Beverly Hills, maybe getting a look inside her new, 8,000-square-foot mansion will put your mind at rest. The five-bedroom, 8-bath house is still in Beverly Hills, and though Lisa told Radar Online that she wants to renovate, it comes with a two-story library, a chef’s kitchen, canyon views. Just like Lisa, the exterior Yorkstone was imported from England.

The new mansion costs $10 million which leaves her some cash after the sale of her last home, which went for $19 million. Although a guesthouse is included, we think Lisa should use some of that profit to construct a bachelor’s den for Giggy.

Source: TMZ, SoCal MLS