Credit: Adam Olszewski/Bravo © Bravo Photo: Giggy in a Season 1 Promo Shot
How cute is Lisa Vanderpump's dog, Gigolo? We all know him as "Giggy" and he has become a surprisingly popular character on the show. (He didn't even need a "crock of Botox" to win us over!)

Giggy has a spread in an upcoming issue of Star magazine, if you can believe that, as well as his very own Twitter account! Do you think the ladies of the show are jealous? You can check out Giggy's dog tweets here. Like his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars, this pampered Pomeranian mix is a bit of a diva.

A recent tweet reads, "Oh no mistress trying to sneak off to red carpet without little furry face needs to be in those pictures what's going on?"

There are even pics being posted by Giggy on Twitter. Wow, someone (or someone's PR team) has way too much time on her hands!

Source: Bravo