Credit: Plixi Photo: Khloe the Pup in Her Christmas Best
We all know Giggy the Pom, Lisa Vanderpump’s tech-savvy pup, is one smart (and cute) cookie.  But it looks like we’ve got another super adorable canine on the block: Kyle Richards puppy, Khloe.

Check out this pic of Khloe in her Santa outfit held by Kyle’s daughter Portia, and the accompanying tweet from Kyle on Sunday:

Eat your heart out @giggythepom . Khloe has her X mas outfit on :-)        

Uh-oh! As much as we don’t like fighting (ha!), we wouldn’t complain if this tweet sparks celebrities to upload pics of their cute dressed-up pups in a sort of battle royal of cuteness. Come on, it’s Monday!

Source: Twitter, Plixi