Credit: Lisa Vanderpump's Facebook Page Photo: Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump's Tiny Toy Pup

Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump’s adorbs Pomerianian, had his own dose of doggy drama this season. The poor pup started to lose his hair at a rapid rate and was plagued with “constant itching,” according to Lisa.

In this vid, Lisa gets an upsetting e-mail from Giggy’s breeder telling her he should be put to sleep because of his condition. We’re no experts, but how does a skin condition justify putting a dog to sleep? We would understand if Giggy was in “contant agony” like the breeder says, but from what we’ve seen, it doesn’t appear that way.

Plus, Lisa Vanderpump without Giggy is like Jersey Shore without fist pumping!

Source: Bravo

Credit: BravoTV Photo: Giggy Vanderpump: Hair Loss Travesty