The question of whether Alexis Bellino will return for Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 is still  unanswered. Her husband, Jim Bellino, doesn’t seem to want her to do another season, and rumor has it Bravo may cut three of the current ladies and replace them with some new blood.

Gretchen Rossi, however, seems to think all the current RHoOC ladies will

Speaking to Frontiers LA, Gretchen said that it “looks like there will be a season 8, and I am sure all of us girls will be back!” Wishful thinking? Or might Gretchen know a little something we don’t?

If and when the girls do return, Gretchen says, “you never know [what might happen] with this group, but I will say I’m sure we will not disappoint!” One of her biggest priorities for the near future, she admits, is “starting a family with Slade!” 

With a plan like that, Gretchen probably will secure a spot for next season! 

Source: Frontiers LA

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