Credit: C. Smith/WENN Photo: Giggy the Pom Rests in Lisa Vanderpump's Arms on April 26, 2011

There’s much reason to celebrate today. It’s Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLisa Vanderpump’s birthday! The fab Brit tweeted: “Ok it's midnight i am officially a year older and one would hope a year wiser mmm maybe. What an unbelievable year,thank you goodnight x x”

Her Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca even tweeted out a b-day message: “Make sure you wish Lisa Vanderpump a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today”

Of course, the ever-loyal Giggy wishes his main lady well, too. @giggythepom: “Just because it's mistresses birthday ...the day I found her two years ago,I don't understand why she has to take it out on my nose..grrrrr” Talk about sweet fate.

We aren’t sure what Lisa has in the cards for this special day, but dahling, you’ve never looked better and wiser!

Source: Twitter