This is a pretty special day in Bravo Land. Two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are celebrating their birthdays today, January 11: Kyle Richards and Yolanda H. Foster

Though Yolanda, 49, is a newcomer to RHoBH, we’ve already come to love her no-nonsense attitude and amazing quotes. Here are 10 reasons we love her.

10. She’s a Dutch farm girl. How cute is that?

9. She introduced us to lamb stem cells. And we’ll never be the same.

8. Her fridge. What can we say? We have dreams about it.

7. She taught us about horse chiropractors. Now we know what we want to be when we grow up.

6. Her quotes. Especially the ones of the unintentionally hilarious variety.

5. She’s befriended Kim Richards. We loved how she stuck by the sober Kim during an otherwise drunken girls’ trip.

4. Her love for her family. Not only does she dote on her husband, she tries to eat dinner with her kids every night. Aw.

3. That accent. Even Kyle Richards can’t imitate Yolanda. (Although we have been trying to emulate her “Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?” since we saw the first preview.)

2. Her singing flight attendant video. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a must-watch.

1. Her positive attitude. Even while hospitalized with lyme disease, Yolanda was upbeat and grateful for the people in her life.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Yolanda Foster Sings, Dresses Like a Flight Attendant in "I Love You" Music Video (VIDEO)