Credit: Photo credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Heather and Terry at the Painting Party in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 3

Tensions between Alexis Bellino and newcomer Heather Dubrow were off the charts in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 3 — at least in Heather’s eyes! In her new Bravo blog, the newbie gripes about her blonde co-star, who took several digs at her in the latest episode. “You want to play with the big girls? Game on,” she writes. Oh, we’re ready!

In Heather’s opinion, Alexis was “all over” her at the painting party. First, Alexis basically called Heather pretentious for saying there were no good restaurants in the O.C. In her blog, Heather points out it was Vicki who defamed Orange County’s eateries.  

After that, the ladies chatted about newfound besties Gretchen and Tamra’s trip to the sex shop, which made Heather squirm. While the rest of the blondetourage moved on, Alexis made a big deal out of Heather’s unwillingness to talk dirty.

“I was not comfortable with this conversation. I barely knew these girls and they were talking about oral sex!!! I made a joke... in the hopes of shutting down the conversation, and Alexis jumps down my throat,” Heather writes. “Trust me dear, I will be married in 10 years.”

Finally, when the ladies met Heather’s plastic surgeon hubby Terry, they began asking questions, while Alexis told the camera she “didn’t need to know.”  Heather writes, “Yes Alexis, we know you don't need the knowledge of plastic surgery, you have had enough procedures to know what he's talking about.” (Chemical peel) burn!

“Bottom line: You just met me, lay off. If you have a real issue with me, then we can talk,” she writes.

Guess their co-stars were right that those ladies would rub each other the wrong way!

Source: Bravo



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