Performing careers and high-profile divorces are two major money makers for any Real Housewife, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer has had both!

So what is Camille Grammer’s net worth? It comes in at about $50 million.

Camille began her career as a model, actress and dancer in the 1980s you may have caught her rocking some lycra on Club MTV. In 1997 she married actor Kelsey Grammer, famous for his longtime role on Frasier. The two were married for 13 years and had two children together.
When the pair went through a less-than-pleasant split in 2011, Camille reportedly walked away with a $50 million settlement. There is no word on what she earns per season for her appearances on RHoBH. Her role has been downsized for Season 3, and we’re guessing she’s not earning the $250,000 per season most of the other ladies are reportedly earning.

Regardless, there’s a chance Camille’s worth a bit more than $50 million!

Source: Celebrity Net Worth