It’s not just the Real Housewives in America who have boyfriends and husbands with salacious pasts. The Vancouver Sun reports that one of the housewives on the newly announced Real Housewives of Vancouver also has a lover was once linked to some terrifying crimes.

Credit: Slice Photo: Real Housewives of Vancouver's Reiko Mackenzie

According to the show’s website, Canadian-American Reiko MacKenzie is married to a “soft-spoken venture capitalist.” Soft-spoken though he may be, The Vancouver Sun reveals said husband was actually once acquitted of murder!

Reiko’s husband isn’t named in her bio, but property records obtained by the newspaper show she owns a $3.5 million mansion with a professional day trader named Sun MacKenzie — though he’s also gone by the names Sun News Lal and Sun News MacKenzie.

Sun was a suspect in the 1994 murders of Jim and Ron Dosanjh, who were killed in a “turf war” between rival drug gangs, The Vancouver Sun reports. The Dosanjh murders are one of the most well-known gang-related murders in Canadian history.

Although Sun was acquitted along with crime boss Bindy Johal and four others, he remains forever linked to the frightening case.

As for what else we can expect from the blonde, mixed martial artist — besides a shady husband? “She is definitely an intriguing blend of hard and soft,” her bio says. “Reiko can enter a room and turn heads in her sky-high heels, but in the ring, she’ll take you out. Careful not to take sides too quickly, Reiko can dodge a conflict like a pro.”

Sounds like a recipe for drama!

Source: Vancouver Sun


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