Credit: Life and Style Magazine Photo: Camille Grammer Covers Life & Style Magazine
We’re nice peeps here at Wetpaint, so we try to limit our use of superlatives like “hate” and “worst.”

That’s why this cover line on the latest issue of Life & Style magazine totes caught our eye: “Beverly Hills Villain Camille Grammer: America’s Most Hated Housewife?” (Oh, and because it was layered over top of Camille Grammer’s face.)

Yep, crazy Cammy made the cover — but not for anything good or glamorous. The mag’s subsequent cover lines are anything but flattering: “Her devious plot to destroy co-star Kyle,” “How she drove Kelsey away and seeks millions in the divorce,” and the icing on the cake: “Her co-star says, ‘You Need Help!’”

Although we’re not doubting all that stuff is true (in fact, we know the last part is), we kinda feel bad for her. Especially because the article says pre-Housewife Camille Donatucci was “nice, funny” and a “well-liked student” at Montclair State College in NJ. Apparently it wasn’t until after she went on a blind date with Kelsey Grammer in 1996, that a materialistic, money-hungry diva emerged. But unfortch, the couple married soon after — and the rest is (reality TV) history.

Speaking of their marriage, an “insider” tells L&S "Camille stopped having sex with Kelsey about a year before they broke up” in an attempt to sabotage it. Well, maybe we can’t blame him for the cheating after all? Put out or get out, right? (Kidding!)

But no matter who screwed up, Camille is turning Kelsey into the villain, particularly in her children’s eyes. "Kelsey claims she shows pictures of the couple to the kids and blames Daddy for the mess,” the same insider says.

We’d say “mess” is def the right word choice. But as for this whole “most hated” biz, the jury is still out. (Did everybody forget about Jersey’s resident psycho Danielle Staub or something?)

Source: Life & Style